VR Comp CEM: Tests 1-5

verbal reasoning comprehensionVR Comprehension CEM 10 minutes tests 1 to 5



  1. Get this book out
  2. Attempt Test 1 to Test 5
  3. 10 minutes per test, the total is 50 minutes
  4. Use a timer or a clock to time yourself
  5. Get an adult to mark it for you using the Answer Booklet
  6. You could also mark it yourself if there is no adult available
  7. Be very honest and don’t cheat, because you will be deceiving yourself.
  8. The adult or you should indicate the correct letter of any answer you missed
  9. Go through the answers to the questions you missed. Ensure you understand why
  10. The explanation to each answer is available in the Answer Booklet
  11. DO NOT write on the textbook itself. Write in a separate book.
  12. Record your score in the Progress Chart at the back of the book.